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Released7 April 2019
GenreHip hop
CTRLBEATZ singles chronology
"Life Sucks"
Music video
"Backroll" on YouTube

"Backroll" is the first single by Producer and Hip-Hop artist CTRLBEATZ (Styled as :_CTRLBEATZ_:) It was released on the 7 April 2019, as the lead single from the upcoming debut album, which is unnamed. The song was released independently as they are not currently signed to a record label.


"Backroll" was written and produced by CTRLBEATZ who produces and masters all of their songs. The song has a catchy beat throughout it, and is an instrumental song, containing no lyrics, or singing. The song has a very modern tone to it, using a very loud bassline throughout it. The song has a running total of 4:12.[1], which would be much longer than Their next few singles, like 'Life Sucks' and 'Thick' which has a length of 56 seconds[2]


There has been a video released on YouTube, as an official audio on CTRLBEATZ' official YouTube channel for their music. It was also released on their YouTube topic channel, auto generated by YouTube[3]


'Backroll has been released in a range of stores including Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music + Amazon, and set for streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify. It also spreads across a range of many more places, see the full list here.


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