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Arly Larivière is a Haitian musician, composer and keyboardist. He is best known as the lead singer and composer for the Kompa band Nu-Look.

Early life[edit]

Larivière was born in Cap-Haïtien on August 22nd, 1972 in Haiti.[1][2] He was the second oldest of five children. At a young age he formed the band Lokal D'Haiti in his home town.


Larivière migrated to the U.S. and resided in Florida. During the 1990s he was part of a band called the D-zine. He later left D-zine, and in 2000 partnered with Gazzman "Couleur" Pierre to form the Kompa band Nu-Look,[3] which performed for 14 years with Larivière as their Maestro and composer. Some of the songs composed by Larivière are "Loving you", "Why do you say you love me", "Notre histoire", and "A qui les faut".

In January 5, 2010 Gazzman left Nu-Look to form his own band dISIp.[4] After Gazzman's departure, Edersse "Pipo" Stanis became the lead singer, problems within Nu-Look eventually led to his departure to join another band called Klass. Arly tried to recruit a new lead singer for the band, but eventually became the sole singer of the band.[5] In November 2013 Nu-Look released a new album titled I Got This;[6] all of the songs on this album were written by Lariviere.[7]

In 2013, Larivière and Nu-Look performed at the Haiti Carnival.[8] He has continued to lead the band since 2016.[9]


  • Big Mistake 2002
  • Encyclopédie 2009
  • Confirmation 2011
  • I Got This 2013
  • My Time 2016


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