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This Article is about Content creator and streamer Arikadou, known from his Youtube videos and Twitch streams


Born October 27, 1994 (Age 24)
Name Husham "Arikadou" Fahmi
Hometown Auckland, New Zealand

Husham Fahmi, more commonly recognized with his online alias Arikadou, is a Content creator and streamer who plays a variety of games but is more commonly known in the Overwatch, Fortnite and Counter-strike community.

How it started[edit]

Arikadou grew up playing and competing in Counter-strike 1.5 Online and LAN events, he moved on to Counter-strike 1.6 then CSGO before starting a Youtube channel for Overwatch content.

Personal Life[edit]

Husham Fahmi was born in Dubai but moved to New Zealand at the age of 8 months, ever since then he has lived happily in New Zealand. Arikadou was born in the year of 1994, October 27.

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