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Argiro Barbarigou
DSC 0910 (Large).jpg
Barbarigou in 2019
Born (1967-10-22) October 22, 1967 (age 51)
EducationEcode Du Grand Chocolat Valhrona
Le Cordon Bleu
Manolis Manolakis (Undated.)
Culinary career
Cooking styleGreek

Argiro Barbarigou (born October 22, 1967) is a Greek celebrity chef, restaurateur and cookbook author. She is also the Ambassador for the South Aegean, European Region of Gastronomy, Global Ambassador of Authentic Greek Cuisine. Argiro focuses on Greek cuisine.

Early life[edit]

Barbarigou was born and raised on the island of Paros to Kostanza and Ioannis Barbarigou. She has one sister Nikoletta Barbarigou. In the 1970s, Barbarigou’s father owned and ran a restaurant in Paros called Papadakis. Growing up she spent most of her free time assisting and helping their family restaurant.[1]


Having already worked in their family restaurant in Paros for over 10 years, she studied as a Chef at the Le Cordon Bleu School of Cooking in London. She studied as a Pastry Chef at the Valhrona Ecole du Grand Chocolat in Paris and at Stelios Parliaro’s Pastry Chef School in Greece.

Restaurateur, Chef, Entrepreneur[edit]

Barbarigou revived her farther's Papadakis restaurant in March 1996 by re-opening the restaurant's doors in Naoussa, Paros. Papadakis presented an Aegean Cuisine menu with an emphasis on fish, seafood and authentic local products from all over Greece. [citation needed]

In 2005, Barbarigou opened her second Papadakis restaurant set at the foothills of Mt. Lycabettus in Athens. A Paros-inspired eatery the restaurant offers a menu focused on seafood and traditional Greek recipes with a modern presentation[2][3][4].

In 2014, Barbarigou launched Homey, a new restaurant concept in the Northern suburbs. [5][6]

In 2015, Barbarigou launched a series of new food retail products under her personal brand in all major supermarkets in Greece[7]. The same year, she designed the menu for Alfa Piehouse[8] and launched an exclusive line of cookware in collaboration with the Greek advertising agency, J.W. Spot Thomson and the Greek supermarket chain[9], Delhaize Group AB.

She is currently working on several projects including the opening of her latest restaurant in the West End district of Washington D.C.[10]

Culinary Ambassador[edit]

Barbarigou represents Greece and the European Union in events in her titles as Global Ambassador of Greek Cuisine and also as Ambassador of South Aegean Mediterranean Cuisine[11]. She has taken part in a multitude of events[12] that have ranged from cooking for the US Congress[13], cooking for Congress and President Bill Clinton[14], Head Chef and planner for Disney's[15]"OPA! A Celebration of Greece[16]", Keynote Speaker at the Worldchefs 37th Annual Congress[17], digitally in the WOW Greece campaign [18] [19], representing Greece in the 32nd Annual Chefs Tribute to City Meals on Wheels[20], cooking for the members of the James Beard Foundation[21], Judge and President for the ICAAP "European Young Chef Award"[22].

In 2018 she was named Ambassador of Aegean Cuisine by the European Commission which designated Greece’s South Aegean a “Region of Gastronomy”.[23]


Argiro takes part in a multitude of notable Greek and foreign causes, including the One Greece campaign[24], which raised awareness and funds for Greece’s economic recovery at The Hellenic Initiative inaugural gala in New York City, where she presided as guest celebrity chef for honorary chair President Bill Clinton and donors[25]. Other contributions include spokesperson for the Global Aids Campaign, motivational speaker for female inmates in Greece's correctional system, the crisis awareness WOW Greece campaign[26], the Annual Chefs Tribute to City Meals on Wheels[27] and mentoring chef for Greece’s orphans and foster children in her role as Ambassador of SOS Children’s Villages Greece[28].

Best-selling Cookbook Author[edit]

Argiro is Greece’s No. 1 cookbook author in sales. [citation needed] She has received multiple awards, including three from the French Gourmand Awards. Her monthly magazine is the no. 1 selling magazine in Greece in the category of Greek culinary.[citation needed] The magazine features topics of culinary interest for all ages and genders including a Monthly Menu, Unique Greek Ingredients, Cooking with Children, Delicious Sweets, Healthy recipes and Gluten free.c[29]

TV Career[edit]

Argiro’s first public TV appearance was on the channel ERT1 for the documentary "ΝΥΝ ΚΑΙ ΑΕΙ", which highlighted Aegean Island life as it was in in the 90’s. She followed this appearance with more regular appearances on Mega Channel on the show "Καλώς Τους - Kalos Tous". This led to a rise in recognition, which earned her her first daily appearances on the morning show "Ομορφος Κοσμος το Πρωί - Omorfos Kosmos To Proi" on on Mega Channel.

She is currently working on a new production called Aegean Mamas Know Best set to premier this fall.

TV Appearances/Host[edit]

*2018 - present ALPHA "Ελένη" [30]

*2011 - 2017 ΑΝΤ1 "Το Πρωινό"[31]

*2014 - 2016 ΑΝΤ1 "Της ALFA Τα Ζυμώματα" [32]

*2014 - 2015 ΑΝΤ1 Satellite "Η ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΣΤΟ ΠΙΑΤΟ" [33]

*2012 - 2013 ΑΝΤ1 "Oreo Cookieng"[34]

*2009 - 2011 ΑΝΤ1 "10 ΜΕ 1 ΜΑΖΙ"[35]

*2006 - 2009 ALPHA "Καφές με την Ελένη"[36]

*2003 - 2004 MEGA "Όμορφος Κόσμος το Πρωί"

*2002 - 2003 ALPHA "Καλώς τους"


Argiro teaches Greek cuisine courses and offers seminars as phyllo dough expert at the Greek cooking school, Le Monde.

Awards & Recognitions[edit]

Argiro has received numerous awards, a list of notable awards:

  • 2019: Ambassador of South Aegean Cuisine, Athens, Greece[37][38]
  • 2019: Greek TopWomen Award - Eirinika.gr, Athens, Greece[39]
  • 2018: Restaurant 100 Award for Papadakis restaurant, Athens, Greece[40]
  • 2018: Honorary Distinction of Social Contribution of Papadakis Restaurant,UNESCO Πειραιώς και Νήσων, Athens, Greece[41]
  • 2017: President and chair of the European Young Chef Award, Barcelona, Spain[42]
  • 2017: Awarded for her Contribution to Greek Gastronomy as a Woman of the Year, UNESCO Πειραιώς και Νήσων, Athens, Greece[43]
  • 2014: Ambassador and public spokesperson of the European Campaign «Αφήνω το γόνο...να γίνει γονιός», European Commission[44][45]
  • 2014: Best TV Chef Cookbook "ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΜΟΥ»  Gourmand Awards, Paris France[46]
  • 2013: Ambassador of Greek & Parian Cuisine, Municipality of Paros Greece[47]
  • 2013: Global Culinary Ambassador, Chef Club of Northern Greece, United States Congress, Washington D.C, USA[48]
  • 2011: Awarded Service to the Industry for promoting Greek Cuisine, Epicurian Chef Club of Boston, MA USA[49]
  • 2010: Cookbook Award in the category "Women Chef", Gourmand Awards, Paris France[50]
  • 2009: Best Greek Cuisine, Papadakis Restaurant, Toques D'OR, Athens Greece[51]
  • 2009: Awarded for promoting Greek Cuisine and Gastronomy Abroad, Le Monde, Athens, Greece[52]
  • 2008: Woman of the Year (Category Best Woman Chef), LIFE & STYLE Magazine, Athens, Greece[53]
  • 2006-2007: Best Greek Cuisine, Papadakis Restaurant, Gourmet, Athens, Greece
  • 2002: Best local Cookbook, "ΣΥΝΤΑΓΕΣ ΤΟΥ ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ", Gourmand Awards, Paris France


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