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Ankit Sharma (born December 26, 1993 in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India) is an Indo-German Internet entrepreneur, writer and film maker[1].[2][3]

He is a social entrepreneur who co-founded technology startups, such as Upscale, River Technologies, Finocial and Muellner Internet[4]. [5][6] He is working on an upcoming documentary with the title- Story of an Indian MFI, which is based on recently released book under the same title.[7]

Early life and background[edit]

Sharma was born in a family of farmers with an agricultural background. His father Shiv Narayan later moved to New Delhi and became an engineer from Jamia Millia Islamia University. He began studying at Hansraj College, Delhi University for the Master of Science in Earth Science. However, his doubts about the education system in India led him to drop out of college.


In 2012, at the age of 17, Sharma founded a technology company called Upscale based in New Delhi. Upscale was a technology consulting firm and focused on emerging technologies such as Blockchain,[8] artificial intelligence and data science services.[9] [10]

Four years later, Sharma co-founded Finocial Information Systems, a blockchain-based banking platform company in New Delhi, India.[11]

He then co-founded Riverstreams Communications, a startup in virtual reality and artificial intelligence based in Noida and Bangalore Sanjay Salil, media entrepreneur.

Public work[edit]

Ankit Sharma is an investor at Muellner Internet, a tech capital company that invests technology and intellectual property into early stage ventures.[12][13] He is known to be a strong proponent of open source technologies. Earlier company, Upscale has actively collaborated with Grameen Bank's open initiative called Mifos X.[14]. He is also one of the youngest Google Summer of Code mentor from India in 2016 [15] and 2017.[16]

He has published research on predictive analytics and advises organizations on the introduction of blockchain.[17]

His forthcoming book is titled "Truth Trust and Transparency," a philosophical view of Blockchain as an emerging technology.[18]

He is a regular mentor and consultant for early-stage startups in India.[19]He participates in global technology conferences such as Springers[20], IRED, etc. as a technical advisor. He is a public speaker who likes to visit universities[21] and national entrepreneurship summits[22] delivering lectures.[23]

In summer 2019, Sharma is scheduled for the Blockchain Bluewhale Tour, a series of workshops across Indian and European cities.[24] Sharma also shares his views on various platforms such as Medium[25]yourstory and other social media.[26][27]


Sharma has published research titled 'Tracking Information About Future Interests and Events Using Web Mining, Predictive Analysis, and Semantic Web.'[28]; vide ISBN 978-1-63248-004-0 ; DOI 10.15224 / 978-1-63248-004-0-95 during a conference in Malaysia.


Sharma has published 'Story of an Indian MFI', writing about his research and case studies on microfinance in India and skill development, vide ISBN 9781793324306.[29][30]

He is also the author of 'Truth, Trust and Transparency', an upcoming book on emergence and use cases of blockchain technology, vide ISBN 9781720229704.[31]


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