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[2]Ankit Kumar Verma(born 14 April 1999), Allahabad is an Indian author . He started writing at the age of 14 years and published his first book at the age of 19 from a Delhi based self-publication Bluerose Publishers, and doing his b.tech (2019) from the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology Allahabad.[3] [4] Ankit says that his books are based on ideas he gets while interacting with different people,and struggles of a common man starting from beginner to a winner, his writings revolve around their struggles and includes stories of inspirational leaders of the world. Reviewers have said about his books that "Wonderful book that changed my mindset."[[5]]also some of his quotes were published in yourquotes.[6] Ankit also holds 2 nation and International Records that is "Youngest Indian Writer In The Field of Psychology" and "Fastest Book Revised Edition of his book"- "CAN I" by India Book Of Records and World Book Of Records, London(U.K)[[7]][[8]].

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