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Anas Amireh (Arabic - انس عميره ) (Born May 7, 1983) is a Jordanian Pilot from Amman, Jordan. Anas is an Arabic name which means “friendly” a person who brings you joy and peace of mind, which eliminates your worries and fears. Pilot Anas Amireh, son of Captain Mohammed Amireh, is globally known as PilotAmireh.

Early Life[edit]

Anas Amireh was born in Amman, Jordan. His mother Norhan Asqualan and father Mohammed Amireh are both Jordanian. Therefore he is brought up in Jordanian culture. Anas belongs to a family of pilots, as his father worked as a Captain in Royal Jordanian Airlines. He has three brothers named Hamza Amireh, Musab Amireh, Suhaib Amireh and one sister Razan Amireh. Anas is the oldest son of his parent’s, and Suhaib Amireh is the youngest one. According to his father, Anas used to collect plane models during his childhood days, and when he saw him in the pilot uniform he used to ask him when he will wear this kind of uniform, when will he fly giant birds in the sky, how do pilots eat food in the sky, how pilots breath at the altitude of 37,000 ft. His questions seemed to be childish, but the excitement which his father had seen in his eyes for this profession made him realize that in future, he will become a successful pilot. Anas first visit in the cockpit with his father was in the year 1995 when he was 12 years old; from that day he got more attached to the planes. He always tried to visit airports to see how airplanes flew in the sky, how they move on runway. In the youth phase of his life, his attachment with planes grew deeper. Now whatever was in his mind was on the paper, he slowly gave his dream wings, a reality in this world. He started drawing planes on paper sheet even his family advised him to become a designer after seeing his jet planes design. But he focused on his goal and in this decision his family supported him immensely. Whenever someone asked his parent’s what Anas will become in the future, they proudly said that he would become a Pilot. Anas believes to live a life which is a mix of adventure, knowledge and learning new things that’s why his hobbies are traveling, camping, photography, reading aviation books, flying airplanes, swimming and playing guitar. He was a family oriented person when he was in college, and he used to pick his brothers and sister from school to home. For him, family and responsibilities come first.


Anas started his preliminary schooling in the year 1987 from Al Bayan School. In 2001, he cleared his 12th class with Science subject from Higher Secondary Islamic Scientific College Jordan Amman. His academic performance was excellent; he was a very talented, dedicated and attentive student in his school, so his father advised him to take admission in university and study for the diploma course in aviation as well. Anas holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration from Arab Open University Amman Branch. He also holds a Diploma in Aviation from Royal Jordanian Academy. During his studies in the university, he had joined Royal Jordanian Airlines and started flying as a Co-pilot.

Civil Aviation Career[edit]

Anas professional flying career started with Royal Jordanian Air Academy in 2001. During his training days, he flew Piper Cherokee PA- 28, Piper Archer PA- 44, Socata TB-200, Twin Engine Cessna. He earned his pilot license in 2003 and was employed by Royal Jordanian Airlines at the age of 21, in 2004. His first flight was training with Royal Jordanian Airlines which was on 23rd Nov 2004 as a Co-pilot in Airbus A321 from Amman to Dubai. Anas was so passionate about the goal that he worked day and night to achieve it. His hard work gave him his first success when he alone from his batch, achieved a senior first officer badge. From 2004 to 2009 Anas worked at the post of the first officer and flew Airbus A320 family, i.e., A319, A320, A321 in Royal Jordanian Airlines.

His experience with Royal Jordanian Airlines was a learning stepping stone in his life. He admits that without Royal Jordanian Airlines, his career wouldn’t be that easy. Royal Jordanian Airlines have excellent standards, and they provide high quality and standard training facility to make a pilot very confident to fly anywhere and anytime in the world. In 2009 Anas left Royal Jordanian Airlines and joined Air Arabia Egypt in 2010 then transferred to Air Arabia UAE in 2011. He worked as a first officer in Air Arabia Airbus A320 and was later upgraded as a Captain at the age of 29 in 2013. When he was upgraded as a Captain, Air Arabia Airlines, called his father and best friend Iyas Hamato to put on four stripes on his shoulders and declare him as a Captain.

As a Captain, his first flight was from Sharjah to Amman with Air Arabia in 2013 on Airbus A320. He worked for five years and learned a lot from Air Arabia Airlines. His colleagues Captain Iyas Hammato, Captain Yasir Al Harmi, and Captain Wael Morsi helped him a lot to achieve his goal and build up his career. They describe Anas as a “Dedicated person towards his job, hardworking, always keen on learning new things, and he carries a positive attitude towards work.”

Presently he is a captain of Airbus A350/A330/A320. In 2017, Anas became part of Jordan Tourism body, and his photo was on Jordan Tourism Billboard to promote tourism in his country.