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Alexandria Goddard[edit]

Alexandria Goddard is a youth activist[1][2] in the US state of Oregon. She was a co organizer of the Portland March for Our Lives[3][4] and continues to advocate for gun safety legislation[5][6] as well as youth engagement[7][8].


Alexandria Goddard graduated from Sunset High School in Beaverton Oregon[3] and attends Portland State University Honors college[3][9].


In addition to being a co organizer at the Portland March for Our Lives, she was one of eight speakers[10][11][12] who spoke in favor of increased gun safety prior to a free concert with Portugal. The Man[13][14]. Her work on gun violence prevention moved Congresswoman Bonamici to invite Alexandria[15][16][17] to the 2019 State of the Union where gun violence prevention was highlighted by several Democratic Congressional leaders[18][19].

Alexandria worked to expand mental health services in the Oregon 2019 legislative session. Working with Senator Lew Frederick, she request the drafting of SB 808[20] which required continuing education related to suicide risk assessment, treatment and management for certain education and health care professionals . After being heard[21] and passing the Oregon Senate Health Care Committee, the bill died at the end of the 2019 legislative session in the Senate Rules Committee.

Political Writings[edit]

Alexandria Goddard has penned opinion editorials that address lowering the voting age[7] and youth activism[8].

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