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BornSeptember 26, 1970
OccupationHuman Resource Analyst
ChildrenAuhom Ahrar ~ Al Quazi
Parent(s)Kazi Lutful Haq, Hashi Siddiky

Ajeyo was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in somber days of September, 1970, and his upbringing in one of the most academically & politically known families helped him to groom himself as a born leader since childhood. His father, Late Kazi Lutful Huq, one of the brilliant bureaucratsand PS to thePresident in exile during the 1971 liberation war and his mother, HashiSiddiky, a writer of pioneering books in Bangla literature, let their children grow in a broadly cultured and economically secure surroundings that were not a common scene in a newly liberated country from years of dependence and economy at a nascent stage.


He is the youngest child of Kazi Lutful Haq (A bureaucrat who joined the liberation war of Bangladesh as the P.S. to the Acting President during the war of Independence in 1971) and Hashi Siddiky an eloquent poet and writer in Bengali literature.

Ajeyo completed his graduation and post-graduation in International Relations from University of Dhaka. He was a DU blue in Debate and Cultural Week Champion for 3 consecutive years (1992-1995) in DU Cultural Week.

He is more known as Ajeyo in the corporate sector in Bangladesh. Ajeyo claims to be an HR Specialist by Profession and a Writer by Passion. , and vice versa.

Early life[edit]

He started his career at an early age of 22 as a part timer during his undergraduate years and later opted for HR as a profession.

Career In Details[edit]

In past 26 years, Ajeyo served not only different leading Bangladeshi organizations but also in different industries e.g. pharmaceuticals, real estate, banks, manufacturing industries, retail business, distribution houses, service industry and ICT in different echelon.

Ajeyo was fortunate enough to experience first-hand; the transition towards HR from traditional administration role. This enabled him to lead 2 major conglomerates in Bangladesh as HR head in last 10 years; throttling their business results to higher positive notes, as a strategic partner and HR advocate.

Ajeyo joined aamra companies in 2011 as the Group Head of Human Resources & Organizational Development and acted as a strong pro-active leader throughout the entire tenure. He achieved the role of Group Chief People Officer (GCPO) of aamra companies in 2013, which is the highest level strategic position to take significant decision on Human Resources Function. He is also the Executive Head of the Committee for Corporate Governance and Chief of Corporate Affairs & Compliances the executive decision-making body of the conglomerate.

A few of Ajeyo’s contributions which are often referred to and discussed in HR function of Bangladesh:

• Ajeyo introduced fully automated, transparent 360o appraisal, which enhanced productivity and strengthened interpersonal relationship of aamra people.
• Ajeyo initiated and executed a 50K question bank to automate the written exams for interviews. Now anyone can attend the CCT (Core Competency Test) of aamra from anywhere in Bangladesh, even with a handheld device. This is a big step towards Bangladesh’s vision for a “Digital Bangladesh”.
• Ajeyo Successfully implemented SBU concept along with measurement tools of ROI of every department of TK Group of Industries, as Group Head of Human Resources, TK Group of Industries. Over all financial impact on the first year of this roll out was BDT 37 million positive in the books.
• Introduced employee development & benefit policies as well as review of some policies added remarkable value to TK Group of Industries the impact was impact of BDT. 2.3 million positive in the first year. “Extra Work Process” in Samuda Chemical Complex Ltd (A sister concern of TK Group of Industries) minimized 57% of the cost.
• As Head of Organizational Development, Transcom Electronics Ltd., Ajeyo re-engineered the “Supply Chain & Channel Distribution” of Transcom Electronics Ltd and upgraded the documentation procedures, ensured less turnaround time in distribution (from 140 hours to 66 hours) and executed cost efficient routing mechanism (Cost minimized 17% in distribution, Process loss minimized down to 21.63%).

Published works[edit]

His first book, “Khub Kedo Na Ektu Kedo” was published on February 8, 1995
His Novel “Avimonnu” and book of Poems “Panchojonno”[1]. Page 80. Publisher: Ḍhākā : Carcā</ref> is collected and preserved by Alexandria Bibliotheca, Widener Library of University of Harvard, Bodleian Library of the Oxford University, Kroch Library of The Cornell University and several other major libraries of the world.

Award Achievement[edit]

As an HR Professional, Ajeyo received 15 global recognition's during 2014-2018 period.


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Ajeyo Profile[edit]