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GenreRomantic drama
Written byAbdul Faththaah
Screenplay byAbdul Faththaah
Directed byAbdul Faththaah
Mohamed Rasheed
CinematographyMohamed Rasheed
Editor(s)Hassan Nishath
Running time28-41 minutes
Original networkTelevision Maldives
Original release1998

Aisha is a Maldivian romantic drama television series developed for Television Maldives by Abdul Faththaah.[1][2] The series stars Jamsheedha Ahmed, Ibrahim Hilmy, Arifa Ibrahim, Niuma Mohamed and Aminath Rasheedha in pivotal roles.[3][4]


Aisha is forced to drop out from school and start working at a family-friend's guest house to earn an income needed to recover from their financial debt. She continues a strenuous life with work while dealing with her abusive mother, Ameena (Arifa Ibrahim). While she is working at Azima's (Aminath Rasheedha) guest-house, Aisha meets Shamaal (Ibrahim Hilmy) an adoptive child of Azima whom she likes instantly. Azima approves their relationship though the couple decide not to share the news with Ameena considering the family crisis she deals with. However, Ameena discovers their affair and storms off to Azima while forbidding Aisha from working at the guesthouse. After several negotiations Ameena bless the couple and they marry. Few months past their marriage, Aisha and Shamaal is blessed with a child though he becomes quite abusive to Aisha while calling her a "misfortune" to him.





  • Ahmed Shimau as Aanim's friend
  • Chilhiya Moosa Manik as a doctor


Track listing
1."Loabi Aisha"Abdul Sameeu3:59


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