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Airo Security is a MacOS protection software company. Its products are designed to protect exclusively against MacOS threats. Airo protection suite is available for MacOS El Capitan and higher, and offered by the company as free and paid versions.

Airo Security (AiroAV)
IndustryMac security tools
Security software
Founded2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Area served
ProductsAiro AV
Airo Web Protection


Founded at the end of 2017, Airo Security started as a Mac threats research and intelligence lab. In January 2018, Airo Security had raised an investment of $3 million from an Israeli investment corporation. A few months later, Airo released the first version of Airo Antivirus, a malware detection and protection tool, and Airo Web Protection, a browser extension compatible with Chrome and Safari. The implemented technological model of Airo's products combines real-time threat detection and AI technology. Airo Security’s efforts and threats analysis primarily focus on Adware, scareware and malware that is mainly designed to dilute Mac users experience and deceive them to gain access to their system, files or data.


Airo labs are combined by three research centers, two security analysis labs and a marketing intelligence lab. A major part of Airo Security’s research efforts is to raise market awareness to the fast-growing Mac vulnerabilities, and threats that are developed and designed solely to attack MacOS users. The labs are engaged in detecting, analyzing and revealing security threats, risks and exploits in Mac computers, along with characterizing new trends in Mac protection. Some of the research had been presented in security research events, [1] and was published in various security sources,[2] including analysis and uncovering of persistent Malware and advanced evading methods.[3] [4] [5] Additionally, the company is active in the MacOS threat research community and collaborates with various security entities to increase accuracy and full protection coverage. Some of the said efforts are publicly shared and reflected in the Mac security blog launched by Airo in 2018.

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