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Aditya Choubey
OccupationChief Executive Officer at Adi App Developer, Edudoor
OrganizationAdi App Developers, Edudoor
  • Dharmendra Kumar Choubey (father)
  • Amita Choubey (mother)

Aditya Choubey (born July 6, 2005) is an Indian Technology Entrepreneur, known for founding an Mobile Application Developing Company Adi App Developers[1][2][3] at a young of 9 as a Chief Executive Officer.

Born in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh Aditya came to be known by media after he started developing mobile and web applications in the age of 9 and made 82 mobile applications at the age of 12[4][5]. He afterwards also opened a NGO named 'Edudoor'[6][7] which focused on providing education in least expenses.


Aditya was born in July 6, 2005 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He is son of Dharmendra Kumar Choubey, a civil servant, and Amita Choubey, a teacher. He is currently a student of Joy Senior Secondary School. He excelled in arithmetic activities and got many prices by UCMAS, a mental arithmetic organization.

He also won trophies and medals in extra activities ( Olympiads, Martial Arts). After getting success in his Software developing works he opened a NGO named Edudoor concentrating on providing education to everyone in least expenses.

Software developer[edit]

He began using computers at the age of 8 when he himself learnt basic computer languages like C++, HTML and Java while he was surfing the Internet to know how the web applications work. After learning about the particular things required for creating an application, Aditya made his first mobile application at the age of 9[4][5]. As he wasn't knowing what to do with the application he didn't launched it and kept finding more about the elements in the applications, web and mobile phones. He created several applications testing what he can do with his learnings. At 11, Aditya got a platform to upload his mobile applications but his applications faced failures one after the another until he made his 82nd mobile application based on a local issue, women safety. After the success of this application Aditya got public exposure.[4][5][8][9]


Adi App Developers[edit]

After developing several mobile applications, Aditya was inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs so he opened a specific application publishing company Adi App Developers[8][2][1][3]. He started publishing his mobile and web applications with verified publisher name and got success in almost of them. One of the mobile applications was Chat Book[10] (a social media app) which got incredible success before it was unpublished due to some technical issues.


After getting success in app developing work, Aditya desired to become a philanthropist. After some studies and researches Aditya found that the main issue of his locality was illiteracy so he opened a NGO named Edudoor[7][6] which focuses in providing education to everyone in least expenses. This included many failures including failures related to fund after which he opened Edudoor's sub organizations Addictionary and Dharmita Books.


Addictionary[11], sub-organization of Edudoor was created by Aditya in August 2018 focusing on textual type of knowledge in online platforms through its own official app and through other social media apps. In this work, Aditya's classmates Manas Shastry and Chinmay Jain also helped.

Dharmita Books[edit]

Dhamita Books[12], another sub-organization of Edudoor was created by Aditya in February 2019 focusing focusing on textual type of knowledge by offline platforms such as shops. This service also includes reusing of old books by providing them to the helped ones. [13]


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