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The "1+1 = window" or Window Equation is a visual-verbal puzzle[1] of popular culture[2][3] that is typically doodled in schoolbooks. It is a bait-and-switch joke, or an obviously false dogma that one may be required to believe, commonly spread throughout children during school. Its final appearance, after drawing completion, is that of a cartoonish window. This equation also has many follow-ups, including two plus two equals fish[4][5].

Lara Mikocki, while describing Aakash Nihalani's street art "Sum Times" for the NuArt Festival, says "the work is a seemingly literal iteration of the childhood adage ‘one plus one equals window'", and "[the artwork is] bringing attention to a previously unnoticed urban mathematical equation".[6]


The steps and associated words showing how to complete the window symbol.

The Window Equation is very similar to the Cool S symbol, with them both being lines being drawn to create a final picture.

To draw the Window Equation, draw a straight line (this represents the 1), a plus symbol, and another line, that are touching. Then, cap the symbol off the top and bottom with two more lines (this represents the equals sign). This completes the window. Children, while showing someone else, will commonly speak the Window Equation aloud while drawing.

Additional Examples[edit]

The follow-ups to the Window Equation do not usually use the a plus symbol and equals sign, and are drawn by flipping one of the numbers.

The following are much less common.


The origin of the Window Equation is unclear, as with other children-initiated culture such as playground songs.

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