Montreal River (Wisconsin–Michigan)

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For other rivers with the same name, including another one in Michigan, see Montreal River (disambiguation)
Montreal River
Montreal River Ironwood.jpg
The Montreal River in Ironwood- Hurley in 2006. Wisconsin is at left; Michigan is at right.
Country United States
States Michigan, Wisconsin
 - left West Fork Montreal River
Source Pine Lake
 - location Oma, Wisconsin
 - elevation 1,611 ft (491 m) [1]
 - coordinates 46°16′11″N 90°08′51″W / 46.26972°N 90.14750°W / 46.26972; -90.14750  [2]
Mouth Lake Superior
 - location Oronto Bay
 - elevation 610 ft (186 m) [2]
 - coordinates 46°33′56″N 90°25′00″W / 46.56556°N 90.41667°W / 46.56556; -90.41667

46°33′56″N 90°25′00″W / 46.56556°N 90.41667°W / 46.56556; -90.41667
Length 47.8 mi (77 km) [3]
Basin 270 sq mi (699 km2) approx. [4]
Discharge for Saxon, Wisconsin
 - average 295.2 cu ft/s (8 m3/s) (2006) [4]

The Montreal River is a river flowing to Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the United States. It is 47.8 miles (76.9 km) long [3] and drains approximately 270 square miles (700 km2) in a forested region. For most of its length, the river's course defines a portion of the Wisconsin–Michigan border. The Ojibwe name for the river is Gaa-waasijiwaang, meaning "where there is whitewater". [5] [6]

View on the Montreal River, 1870s

The Montreal River issues from Pine Lake in the town of Oma in eastern Iron County in northern Wisconsin. It flows initially northwardly to the boundary between Iron County and Gogebic County, Michigan, then northwestwardly along the state line, past the 'twin cities' of Hurley, Wisconsin and Ironwood, Michigan. Downstream of Ironwood the river passes over Saxon Falls and Superior Falls and enters Oronto Bay on the southwestern shore of Lake Superior, approximately 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Ironwood, at Michigan's westernmost point. [7] [8]

There are four named waterfalls on the Montreal River. Starting below U.S. Route 2 and going downstream (north), they are Peterson Falls, Interstate Falls, Saxon Falls, and Superior Falls. [9]

The West Fork Montreal River [10] issues from Island Lake in central Iron County and flows 24.7 miles (39.8 km) [3] generally northwardly, roughly in parallel to the Montreal River, past the city of Montreal, Wisconsin. It flows into the Montreal River downstream of Hurley. [7] There are four named waterfalls on the West Fork Montreal River: Kimball Falls, [11] Rock Cut Falls, [12] Gile Falls, [13] and Spring Camp Falls. [14]




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